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My oh my it has been one busy school year. I've started my thesis project and with that I've taken on one of the biggest projects of my artistic career.

So many ideas have been buzzing around my head and after many scribbled notes, a plethora of doodles, endless hours of day dreaming, and dedicated research (Pinterest) I've finally formed one of my greatest adventures to be had. Detroit Photosynthesis and Color will document the things I love most in my creative world - beautiful colors, playing dress-up, and of course Detroit.

The rest of the year is sure to be a blur, but I'll do my best to document the journey. It's only just begun!

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I'm feeling pretty confident with my school work these days, I won a challenge in my fashion photography class and it was just the motivation I needed to keep on the right track. Somedays it gets really hard and I most certainly miss my social life, but I must keep going and I must continue to strive for the best with my work. Can't wait to see what March brings!

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2015 has swept me off of my feet, and its only two months in. I've taken so many steps down my creative path and have really began to shape my identity as an artist- most importantly an artist from Detroit. I've been looking at my community through a new lens, and with that I've met new friends, discovered new places, and have created so much more. I've been so busy adventuring, that I've forgotten to update this blog, so here's a few projects from January... February's are soon to follow!